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Routine checkups and professional dental cleanings are a critical part of preventive dental health care. Many dental issues aren’t visible to the naked eye and may not cause symptoms in their early stages. Having checkups with Dr. Nabil Al Krumly every six months at Krumly Dental Care in Seattle, Washington allows him to monitor your dental health and treat issues before they become worse. Call or schedule an appointment online today.

Dental Cleaning and Exams Q & A

Why is it important to have regular dental checkups?

The American Dental Association recommends regular appointments of dental care at least twice a year. If you have dental health issues like gum disease, you may need to have more frequent checkups and cleanings to prevent the buildup of bacteria and to protect your dental health.

Regular checkups allow Dr. Krumly to monitor your teeth, jaw and gums so that if any dental issues begin to develop he can treat them right away. Like many medical conditions, dental issues don’t typically cause any symptoms in their early and more treatable stages. In fact, many dental issues aren’t visible to the naked eye, and Dr. Krumly relies on technology like Nomad X-rays to check the health of the insides of your teeth.

You also benefit from a thorough professional dental cleaning every six months. Dr. Krumly’s gifted hygienists use powered Prophy jets to clean your teeth more effectively than you can at home. They are able to remove any plaque buildup to prevent tartar development, which can lead to gingivitis and periodontal disease.

How often do I need dental X-rays?

Each patient is unique, and some will need dental X-rays more frequently than others. Dr. Krumly will only recommend X-rays on an as-needed basis. It may be once a year to keep current records of your teeth or more frequently if you suffer from dental health issues that need to be closely monitored.

Dr. Krumly offers Nomad X-rays to reduce the amount of radiation to which you are exposed. The amount of radiation in a dental X-ray is minute, but Dr. Krumly takes your overall health and well being seriously and invests in technology to offer you the best treatments available.

If I am afraid of pain at the dentist, what services are available for me?

Dr. Krumly offers compassionate and gentle dental care to all of his patients. He has invested in WAND technology to further ensure your comfort. WAND technology provides precise, computer-assisted anesthesia and pain-free dental services. WAND technology doesn’t involve syringes or other anxiety-inducing tools and devices.

Dr. Krumly wants you to have a comfortable and stress-free experience while in his office. The more comfortable you are, the more likely you are to schedule regular checkups, which leads to improved dental health overall.